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Spring for Poetry Video

Click on the URL above for an inside look at the creation of the poetry walk beginning with the selection of poems and through the design process by students at Montgomery College. This is part of Takoma Park Snapshots that the city's Video Production unit produces under Alvaro Calabia. To watch the Spring for Poetry segment, go to minute 12:30, where it begins.

See the poem "Why I am Not a Painter" brought to life - real Takoma Park.

Also see a one-minute clip made at the Farmers' Market of Johanna Leffler (13) reading a surrealist poem by Max Jacob in English and the original French.

The "Community Needs Assessment and Visioning for a 21st Century Public Library" was completed In January of 2014 for the Takoma Park Maryland Library. It contains a summary of survey and focus group responses and consultant recommendations with an appendix of the details from the collected data.
- posted Apr 16

The "Takoma Voice" article by Max Bennett on the Friends Great Big Book Group includes photos of participants from previous discussion series.
- posted Dec 11

E-Books now at the Library -- free to card holders!
The Friends have funded a year's subscription to five new online resources. From languages to graphic novels, to the classics of literature, a vast array of books are yours electronically. Audio, games and puzzles are offered for early or reluctant readers. Learn more about what is offered in our Fall 2011 Newsletter and how easy it is to access your choice.

Please become a member of the Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library. Your membership donation helps bring these e-books to you as well as the Library's other fine programs and services.
- posted Oct 15