Friends Support Variety of Reading Groups

   "Staggering...overwhelming...breathtaking... awe-inspiring" are hardly adequate to characterize the numbers of new books published each year in the U.S. In 2006, 292,000 titles crowded into the marketplace. Nearly 15 percent of those, or 42,000, were works of fiction. That is some 117 new titles a day, or almost four new novels or stories every hour!
   The Friends promote reading and critical discussion for middle schoolers to elders. That support includes providing multiple copies of books for participants at the library and funding on-line groups.

Friends Reading Group
   Meeting every two months, participants choose the books, nearly all of which are fiction. Selections have ranged from the depression-era classic, "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck to Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" and Anchua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart", a novel set in Africa that focuses on the clash of ancient tribal traditions and Christian colonialism.

Great Big Book Club
   In 2009 a group of 25 enthusiastically took on Leo Tolstoy's 1000+-page "War and Peace". It was decided to meet four times because of the novel's great breadth. The enthusiasm did not flag and in response, the Friends are now supporting the twice-a-year Great Big Book Club.
   Fall of 2009 brought us to "Middlemarch" followed in Spring of 2010 by the Herman Melville epic novel Moby Dick. Many have paced the reading of these lengthy novels over the two-month period that we meet. Learn more about the current selection and schedule through links on the Friends website,

OnLine Book Clubs
   Register at — fiction, nonfiction, audio. For each, a five-minute piece of a book is delivered via e-mail each day for a week; after five days, readers will have received one or two chapters, which should be enough to decide whether to continue with the book. The next week another book starts. There is also a Teen Online Book Club including mysteries, comedies, true adventures, mystical science fiction. Each week, different guest teenagers share their insights.

Favorite Poem Evening
   Favorite Poems are read by residents in April, Poetry Month. Poems range from the serious to the comic, the seriously comic, traditionally rhymed and not. Read a favorite poem with the requirements that it is a published poem and not written by the reader. More at 301-891-7259 or
Favorite Poem Evening.