Friends of the Takoma Park Maryland Library

Spring For Poetry In Takoma Park 2012

Click on the poem name to see the poster.
Poet Poem Location
Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address 7328 Carroll, TP Historical Society
Witslawa Szymborska In Praise of My Sister 7306 Carroll, bus stop
Brendan Galvin
Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Eagle
Carroll/East West Highway, Bus stop at Gazebo
Jordan Jones The Zen Baker TPSS CO-OP
Stanley Kunitz Hornworm 7214 Carroll (Roland's Barbershop)
Giacomo Leopardi The Calm after the Storm 7113 Carroll
Derek Walcott Sea Canes 7125 Carroll
Adonis (tr. Samuel Hazo) A Tree 7120 Carroll (Purple house)
Grace Paley Here 7107 Carroll (bus stop)
Sherman Alexie Evolution Carroll and Park, corner
Alice Jones The Foot Front of Capital City Cheesecake
Aztec Poem Face and Heart / In Ixtli in Yollotl 7051 Carroll, Victory Tower bus stop
Edward Hirsch Fast Break 7048 Carroll, near Fair Day's Play
Jackie Kay Egusi Soup 7040 Carroll, front of Roscoe's Restaurant
Justine Cook Love Limulus Polyphemus Bandstand, Carroll
Rumi Where Everything Is Music Bandstand, Carroll
Rainer Maria Rilke A Woman Going Blind 7006 Carroll, front Middle Eastern Market
Czeslow Milosz A Confession & Gift 7009 Carroll, front of Shampoo
Frank O'Hara Why I Am Not a Painter 6937 Laurel, front of Video Americain
Claribel Alegria Time of Love 6929 Laurel, front of S & A Bead Shop
Yusef Komunyakaa Facing It Under Old Town Clock
Claude McKay
Countee Cullen
The Tropics in New York
Yet Do I Marvel
Gary Snyder For All 6909 Laurel, front of post office
Langston Hughes
Claude McKay
I, Too, Sing America
TP Community Center
William Carlos Williams Danse Russe TP Community Center
Sor Juanna Inès de las Cruz Feast of the Assumption / Maitines de la Asunciòn TP Library
Juana de Ibarbourou The Waves / Las Olas TP Library
Billy Collins Introduction to Poetry Westmoreland Park
Elise Paschen
From The Wishing Bone Cycle
Birth Day
Cree Indian Song
Jackson/Boyd Park
William Wordsworth Daffodils Spring Park (Poplar Avenue
W.S. Merwin The Animals & Utterance Forest Park (Elm and Prince Georges Avenues)
Philip Schultz
Galway Kinnell
from Memories of My Father
Forest Park (Elm and Prince Georges Avenues)
Emily Dickinson Snake Heffner Park (Oswego Avenue)
Nikki Giovanni Knoxville, Tennessee Belle Ziegler Park (Albany and Takoma Avenues)

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